About Me

I come from a fine art background, having studied painting and drawing at The Atlanta College of Art and film history at Georgia State University. While at the Atlanta College of Art, I co founded the award winning direction and design studio Graphic Havoc avisualagency.

Individually and with Graphic Havoc, I have worked in the commercial art world since 1994 as designer, art director, and creative director for clients including Adidas, AOL, Cartoon Network, Coke, Current TV, Diesel, ESPN, Expedia, FKA Brands,Hefty Records, i2 Institute, Major League Soccer, Mtv, Nike, Nokia, and Refinery 29 to name a few. I have participated in numerous art shows at spaces such as ALIFE in New York, Floating IP Gallery in Manchester,  and Gallery Rocket in Tokyo. I've published books through GHava {Press}, and spoken at several design based conferences such as AIGA in the U.S. and Semi Permanent in Australia. Recently I served as the Creative Director for Marley Natural™, Bob Marley's official cannabis brand. I am currently working on several projects ranging from directing fashion and music videos to rebranding a prominent consumer electronics company.